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The man behind HDASE.COM

Hey there, My Name Is Derege I am From Ethiopia.

Since around five years ago I have been interested in teaching health relates, making money online and get new technology skills and get online jobs but like any person, who lives in a developing country who can not access for the Internet master card and PayPal but eager to make money online and get skills, I suffer a lot. after spending much precious time now I can able to get new brand skills and make money online thanks to free online courses and kind people. Now I have a tiktok and telegram channel with more than 20k subscribers/followers and good experience in technology, health and make money online.

I am here on hdase.com to share my experience that I got by spending precious time so that you don’t need to speed much time to find out a simple method, as I did!

Thank you for choosing our tech, health, and other related Informations website as your ultimate source for real information. We look forward to serving you and keeping you informed about the fascinating world of technology.